PhD candidate at UCSD. MIT MEng ’20, BS ’18.


About me

I am a first year PhD candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at UCSD. Passionate about increasing women and non-binary representation in STEM. Canadian expat. Aspiring Science Fiction writer. Interested in too many things.

Research interests

Embedded Systems

Computer Security

Energy & Sustainability

Remote Sensing

Recent Projects

Preventing IPC-facilitated type confusion in Rust (M.Eng. Thesis)
Type-safe languages such as Rust can provide powerful type safety guarantees. However, these guarantees may not hold when multiple separately compiled processes communicate. For my M.Eng. thesis, I explored how type confusion vulnerabilities can still arise when multiple separately compiled, internally type-safe processes share information through inter-process communication (IPC). I created an augmented Rust compiler that (1) detects communications over IPC, and (2) inserts runtime checks to ensure that type safety is maintained.